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We are excited to announce that we officially launched the Podstellar app into the iOS App Store. You can download the app by clicking on the link. Podstellar is a social podcasting app which allows you to share with the world what you have to say in the easiest way possible. Simply use our sophisticated record functionality and in just a few steps you are ready to publish. During the product development we put user experience and ease of use at the central focus of the Podstellar platform.

We received a lot of valuable feedback from content creators and Podcaster across the world. We analysed their pain points and noted down their wishlist. The synergy and outcome of all the efforts are reflected in the Podstellar app.

In the below graphic you see your home feed. This is the place where you find all the newest posts from channels you are following. You will get notified as soon as a new post is out out. Show your love by liking, commenting and sparking the dialogue in the Podstellar community.

Podstellar is the perfect platform for you if you want to wind down in the evening, educate yourself during commute or get entertained while cooking. Use your time more wisely and efficiently with the Podstellar – Social Podcasting app.

The Android version is right now in development and will launch shortly. According announcement will be made in the next days.


Share your message with the world


It is not a secret that becoming a podcaster can be a daunting untertaking. What microphone do I have to buy? What audio editing software do I have to learn? How do I create an RSS link? Where and how do I publish my podcast? What if there is a way to skip all this questions by downloading one app? Well you can guess – we built the app for you which allows you to skip all this questions. With Podstellar you can record and post your story in three simple steps into the Podstellar Social Network and all your friends and the community are able to listen and enjoy.


Simply click the microphone button at the heart of the app and you are good to go. Start recording your story or upload already existing audio files. If you said something wrong just stop the recording and remove the last bits with the slider. Compile your story just like that until you are happy.

On the next screen add an interesting title for the podcast which will instantly grab the attention of the community. Add a couple of #hashtags to improve discoverability for your podcast in the search and discover tab. In the final step upload a cover image for your podcast which is suitable to your post. Make it eye catching and interesting for the audience.

Now simply click publish and your post is instantly available for everyone in the Podstellar Social Network. All users which subscribed to your channel will receive a notification and can start listening to your story immediately. Amazing, isn’t it?


There is something for everyone


This is not everything! On Podstellar you will find already today over 2 million podcasts from across the world with a total listening time of over 230 millions hours. Explore our discovery tab with favourite podcasts from various topics such as Business, Technology, Sports and yes, also Corona Virus. On the trending tab you will find the most listened and engaging podcasts. The featured tab will provide you hand-picked podcast which we believe are worth listening to. Of course over time our Machine Learning models will learn what you like listening and only recommend you podcasts wich believe you will really love.



Our product roadmap is packed with amazing features


This is just the beginning. Podstellar is here for you and we are here to listen to you. Leave us a feedback using the app feedback functionality, reach us directly on Instagram or drop us an email on We have many more features in our pipeline which will make the use of Podstellar even more exciting and fun.

We want to thank Alexy, who was a driving force behind Podstellar. Also a big thanks you to all our Brand Ambassadors. Our Brand Ambassadors are coming from all 5 continents and together their reach on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter is well over 20 million users. We are proud to have you on board and being part of Podstellar. We are looking forward to “hear” you all on Podstellar.

Make sure to subscribe to our Instagram channel. In the upcoming days we will present each day a brand ambassador and his / her podcast on Podstellar. We are sure that you will love their content and we are looking forward to your engagement with the community. 

Stay tuned and follow Podstellar





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