Podstellar Talks: The Honest Guys on the importance of meditation


Q: Hi Kev and Rick, it is a pleasure to have you on board of Podstellar. You have a very successful Youtube channel with close to 1 Million subscribers. Congratulation on this! For all the readers out there can you explain in a nutshell what “The Honest Guys” channel is about?

Thanks for the invite, it’s a pleasure to be here and thank you for featuring us as ambassadors.
The Honest Guys has been around for almost a decade and essentially, we create high quality guided meditations and relaxation tracks, some that are music and ambient sounds without narration, which we hope people might find both easy to use and relaxing.
We don’t have a target audience or work to any specific kind of model. We are just a small group of three friends who are trying to put something positive out into the world and help people.
It began when we purchased a collection of guided meditations back in 08, and after using them, found that they were extremely helpful to us.
When we realized how effective they were, we wanted to share the concept of guided meditations with others. Siân was an experienced story writer, Kev and Rick were already into making YouTube videos, so we decided to combine our skills and set about making our own guided meditation videos.
There was nothing on YouTube at the time, and the collection we purchased was expensive, so we thought if we put content out there, it might firstly, help introduce people to the benefits of guided meditations and secondly, make them available to folks who couldn’t afford to buy such things.
Q: Before we talk more about your channel we would like to get to know the faces behind “The Honest Guys”. Who are you?
There are three of us: Rick, our narrator, Kev, our producer, who deals with all the behind-the-scenes stuff, and Siân, our writer.
Rick was best friends with Siân’s brother at school, so they have known each other many years.
Q: It is probably really interesting for many readers to understand how you actually go about creating a guided meditation video. What is the process behind? How do you come up with the stories? How much time does it take?
Siân says that when she writes the meditation, she almost enters a state of meditation herself. She thinks of a scene that she finds relaxing, and then works the script around it. Rick will then read it, edit it to ensure everything flows well in a narrative format (a process we humorously call “Rickercising”), then he’ll find appropriate music, ambient sound effects and images specific to the individual script. Then he’ll record the voiceover and construct the presentation.
Some productions can take many days or even more than a week to create, depending on the complexity and the number of elements contained within them as well as the length of the script.
Q: We are sure, that your channel is adding a huge amount of value which is obviously reflected in your subscriber base. Who is your target audience and what were the most amazing feedback you received from your followers?
We don’t have a target audience at all, but we hope people who suffer anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, trauma, stress, social phobias, etc, may find something to help them, and from the feedback, we can see that they do find them useful.
We have had amazing feedback from people of all generations, some of whom have been in some very dark places and have told us how they were able to use our material to help them find their way back. Such stories never fail to move us. They remind us that what we do matters and can make a difference. That is reason enough for us to continue doing what we do.
Q: We are sure that you are not settling after reaching 1 million subscribers. What are the next goals you want to achieve and how do you want to achieve them?
We don’t really have milestones, and rarely look at our subscriber numbers; as long as we’re putting out content that is useful to people, we’ll continue to do what we’ve been doing for 9-10 years now.
We do continue to expand our operation, making our material available to as many people as possible on as wide and diverse selection of platforms as we can, including right here on Podstellar.
Q: By the nature of your content, it certainly makes sense for you to dive on platforms that are purely based on auditive content and this is also the reason why we approached you. What made you decide to start a collaboration with Podstellar? What do you like about Podstellar?
Podstellar seems perfectly sited for our content. While there are certain meditations (such as affirmations) that can be practiced with the eyes open, meditation is supposed to be done with the eyes closed.
We add visuals to YouTube because it’s a video hosting site, but our 99% of our work is purely audio-oriented and should be done with closed eyes. Therefore, Podstellar was a natural progression for us and will hopefully help our material to reach a wider audience.
Q: Let’s wrap up this interview. What is your advice to people who are struggling to relax and wind down?
People have to be very kind to themselves. And most are not. That means giving yourself time to relax and not to be trapped within a cloud of worry and what-if? The mind can be our greatest ally or our greatest enemy.
We’ve practiced the Law of Attraction, for instance, and it can be pretty amazing how it works and how fast, so it really helps to stop yourself thinking negatively, to recognise when you are and say, ‘Okay, that’s enough, stop!’ And to turn your mind around to something that is happy, peaceful, positive.
Give yourself ‘me’ time, even if it is only when you shower or bathe, or have a cup of coffee. Do some simply breathing exercises. (Diaphragmatic breathing is very effective) Meditate (if you wish) and allow your mind an body to become relaxed. It may take time, but it will reap dividends mentally and physically.
We do appreciate, however, in this world of distractions and social media, it’s often very hard for people to even contemplate the idea of taking time for themselves and even harder for people to switch off.
This is why guided meditations are so amazing and can bridge that essential gap between the constantly chattering mind needing stimulation and good-quality and healing calmness.
Just like listening to music, the recordings distract and feed the chattering mind, yet at the same time begin to calm it, and dial things down. 
Quite often, the listener doesn’t even realise just how deeply relaxed they are becoming.
Regularly being in that deeply relaxed state is when the magic happens, and you are rewarded with wonderful health gifts, better sleep, clearer thinking, less anxiousness, and a much calmer general state of mind.
And that is essentially why we do what we do. 10 years ago, we discovered just how powerful and wonderful guided meditations are and we’ve been sharing that discovery with as many people as possible since. 
We encourage anyone, no matter who you are, to give guided meditation a try and see just what they can do for you. 
Thank you for your time. We are excited to have you on board and will do our best to help you grow your channel on Podstellar and also add value with this medium. 
This was the interview with “The Honest Guys”. If you are ever again anxious, stressed or you just want to relax download Podstellar now from the app store and follow “The Honest Guys”.


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