The Top 3 Podcast Apps on the Market

The podcast market is a exponentially growing market. Many new platforms and apps are popping up. But which of them are really worth checking out? There are many different podcast apps out there. Most of them are just pure RSS streaming platforms through which you can consume podcasts similar as you would consume music. However, there are many more ways to make the auditive medium alot more attractive. This has been impressively demonstrated by innovators on the following three platforms!


Nr.1 Podstellar

The best app to experience auditive content is Podstellar. The app developed in Switzerland combines best practices in UX from various apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and others into a unique platform. Not only can you listen to podcasts from other users around the globe but also record and share your own story into the Podstellar community. Within the app you can like, comment, share and follow each other and hence build a personal relationship with the content creator and community. Apart from that, the design is a real eye-catcher! If you are used to using Instagram, you will find your way around immediately.

In general, Podstellar can be described as the “Instagram for the podcast world”. However, you can not only listen to the podcasts created by Podstellar but also access over 2 million podcasts streamed via RSS.

At the moment the app exclusive for iOS but the Android version is coming by the end of April 2020. 

Nr.2 Podbean


With Podbean it is also possible to record and edit your own podcast with your smartphone. And Podbean also has a large database of podcasts. The design is simple and understandable, but not very appealing and fun to use. Podbean is available on iOS and Android. It has integrated limited social media options into the app, but these are not as pronounced as e.g. on Podstellar


Nr.3 Anchor


Anchor was acquired by Spotify in 2019, striving to become the leader in the podcast market. The Anchor app works similarly to Podstellar and Podbean. Anchor is primarily an editing platform. The podcasts created on Anchor can also be consumed by other users. User-friendly operation and a great design.

These are our top 3 picks for the best podcasting platforms currently on the market.



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