Podstellar Talks: Brittney Richardson on the life as a female trucker


Q: Hi Brittneythank you for joining Podstellar and being a part of it from the very beginningYou have two growing Youtube channels where you focus on self-development and American TruckersVery exciting! For all the readers out there can you explain in a nutshell what your Youtubechannels are about and how they differ?

Thank you it’s a pleasure to join Podstellar in this Social Podcasting Revolution! So American Truckers on YouTube covers my life and soon the lives of other truck drivers as well, across North America. We give the viewer a front row seat into the real life of Truck Drivers every day!

Brittney Richardson on YouTube is where I share my life away from the truck. It is a Lifestyle Vlog, Focused on Personal Development and Discovering new ways of thinking and new realities that improve every aspect of our lives!

A passion to inspire others to see new and exciting realities they never thought possible for their lives, is the common thread that ties both channels together. It is my passion as a creator to inspire others to do great things!

Q: Before we talk more about your Youtube content let’s get to know you better. Who are you? Where did you grow up? And when did you start to Youtubing and why?

So my Name is Brittney Richardson, I grew up partially in Missouri and Partially in Kansas near Kansas City, which is more the area I claim as home! 

I started YouTubing about 5 years ago after really missing Social Contact from Driving the Semi on the night shift. I always had interesting experiences overnight and I love to listen to audio books while on the road. I was learning so much stuff that I knew I just had to share my thoughts and experiences in the truck on Video! 

Q: We have seen that your American Trucker Youtubechannels gets quite some attention in this niche. Why do you think people love your content and who is actually your target audience?


There could be many reasons American Truckers has grown so quickly like the interest many women are taking in Truck Driving as a career. I truly believe though the secret sauce behind its success is because this is where I spend the majority of my time at (in the truck) and as a creator I am passionate about sharing my life on film revolving around the things I’m currently experiencing. I share with my viewers as I would with a close friend or family member, the funny moments, the challenging moments and the heartbreak. 

My target audience is anyone who is looking for a laugh, Personal Growth and to be inspired & entertained by True Reality TV (the kind without a script) This is a place where anything could happen because we are all on this journey called life, but that is what keeps things exciting and on this journey I invite my audience to join me!

Q: Being a woman in the trucker scene seems to be a rarity. What do you love about your job and how would you inspire other females to get in this profession?

 It sure is! Even with many more of us out here in 2020, Female Truckers still only make up about 6% of the industry! 

I inspire other women by showing them what it’s like and what is possible for them should they choose this career. There are so many options today for someone with a CDL, even if you have children and want to be home more with your family there are positions that can have you home every day with your family! Many women are working 2 or 3 jobs just to make it where a CDL job can earn you 3 Jobs wages in just 1 giving you more focus on your family.

I love the feeling of the open road and the excitement and challenges each new day brings. I love the quiet time while the miles roll on, to Learn and Grow as a person and I love that I can set my own atmosphere in the truck. I also love the financial independence I have as a Lease Purchase Truck Driver with RTI (Riverside Transport) in Kansas City. As a Lease Purchase driver I own my own business and can come home whenever I want which empowers me to live my life to the fullest!


Q: You have also another Youtube channel where you talk about self-development and entrepreneurship. Is there a channel where you want to focus more or do you think they can both go hand-in-hand?

As a trucker of over 8 years now and as much as I love driving, I would love to eventually transition to more of a focus on inspiring others through my Podcast and Lifestyle Vlog. I have so many things I am passionate about and so many interests! I love crazy things like Storm Chasing, I miss helping the Fire Department on emergency calls and being there for others to bring comfort and calm in their worst moments as a Police Officer. It’s this passion for life and People that runs across any platform I am on and can be felt by my audience. They both go hand and hand perfectly.

Q: We were approaching you because we found the niche of American Truckers very interesting and believe that it can go even beyond. You showed right from the beginning a great interest in collaborating with us and start with your podcasts. What made you decide to get into a partnership with Podstellar?

Thank you so much! I chose Podstellar because I both saw and felt your vision as creators and love the concept of Social Podcasting. Life is all about connections and free thinking, this is at the root of any great movement or idea in history and it is my honor to be a part of it.

Q: Regarding your content on Podstellar, what can the listeners expect from you? Who is the potential audience of your podcasts?

 I have so many exciting Podcasts in the works! My listeners can expect to join me on this journey of discovering what is possible for our lives.

We grow up dreaming BIG right? Wondering what this life is all about and what magical thing may be possible for us. So many of us get beat down as we grow older and simply lose that child like excitement. It’s the ones that hold onto it that see amazing breakthroughs in their lives. I want to stir it back up within you! 

I want to bring that magic back by sharing cutting edge science, Interviewing interesting people with interesting Stories and Experiences and having in depth discussions during the whole thing. Discussing Social Issues in our world and how we might see our World Advance together in the next 100 years!

No topic is off limits so join me on this exciting adventure of personal discovery and Self Empowerment

Q: Final question from our side. Can you tell us about an interesting/funny story you experienced as a trucker?

Absolutely! I have so many lol back before becoming a truck driver I was on routine patrol as a Police Officer when I heard over the Police Radio… “Officers Please respond to the area Queens Point, we just received a 911 call and RP states that a naked man just ran out of the woods in front of her car” (Chuckles heard in the background) one of the other officers responded back “Dispatch did I hear this correctly? Did you say a naked man ran in front of a vehicle?” Dispatch replies “10-4 (Chuckles in the background again) the RP nearly hit the subject and he fled South bound back into the woods”

 I happened to literally be around the corner (Such was always my luck lol) and was the first Officer on the scene. I met with the Caller who stated that she was driving East heading home when she saw something running out of the woods and to her shock it was a buck naked man running and leaping like a deer 🦌 😂 I was trying to compose myself as she was visibly shaken by the incident. 

About this time other officers were rolling up on scene so I decided to pursue this suspect who ran South bound (Which Happened to be Queens Point Rd) I never did find the naked man but when I got back to the station they never let me live that down, as the dispatch log read… 

“Officer B.Richardson out looking for naked man on Queens Point” 

The next morning the Chief comes in sees it, shakes his head and just says “I don’t even want to know” lol 😂 

Love you guys! It was a pleasure joining you for the interview!  


Thank you for your time. We are excited to have you on board and will do our best to help you grow your channel on Podstellar and also add value with this medium. 

This was the interview with Brittney Richardson. Check out her interesting podcasts around entrepreneurship and lifestyle on Podstellar. 

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